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Para.graph is where design is life, where all aspects of life experiences and nature are our sources of inspirations. Here we focus on the design process, where we work to understand the client lifestyle, character and requirements for the space. From there we graph all thoughts into reality, creating purposeful dwellings and spaces. Passionate and close knitted, you can trust on our team of multi-disciplinary designers to deliver always.


Jack Ng

Managing Director

Helming the team is Jack. An adventurous individual, he is constantly seeking for new experiences to gain new inspirations. His love for travelling brought him to New Zealand over a decade ago. An opportunity then arises which he end up staying in New Zealand for over eight years. There is where he honed his eye for details as he works on opulent superyacht turn-key projects. It is also at there which he came to understand that the individuality and purpose should be the driving factor behind each and spatial design as he explores the diverse and unique nature environment. Nature have taught him beauty can be found everywhere as long as there is harmony and character to a spatial environment regardless how diversity they can be.

Robin Reyes


Motivator of the team, Robin is one designer that always full of energy and dynamic. With his seemingly endless explosive drive, he never fails to bring a fresh take to our designs. Being the technical guru of the team, he is also our chief rendering expert. Armed with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, he also ensure our design renders are technically feasible.

Marie B. Baxter


Though trained in interior design, Marie spent the earlier years of her career in multiple aspects within the fashion industry. There she gained insightful experiences as her earlier jobs require her to travel around and work in close contact with different creative individuals. Her sharp sense developed from those experiences allows her to often marriage quirky and interesting concepts into her designs seamlessly.

Carol Chan


Carol is a creative designer that is uniquely meticulous and detail orientated. Despite having minimal real-life experience as designer, she definitely showcased her ability to convert her knowledge gained from her Masters study obtained from London rather seamlessly into real life situations. Carol is one upcoming designer to keep a lookout for and one you can safely leave your project to.

Catherine Ong

Office Manager

Catherine is one amazing lady that serve maintain balance and order within the company structure. Otherwise the company will probably turn chaotic when you allow a group of over zealous and some what crazy designers to run the show. An exceptional office manager, it is not an understatement to say she is the pillar for Para.graph and maybe the real reason why clients should believe in us.



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