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June 2019

Designer Hobbies 101 – Digital Doodling

When a designer no longer sees designing as a job, hobbies we tend to have outside of work… is designing! When we get so entrenched into the lifestyle of being one, we no longer see designing as work anymore.

What happened to the lifestyle of a designer that’s meant to be interesting and varied? Why do we choose a hobby that literally our job? Don’t get us wrong, submerging ourselves in fresh experiences, interacting with people and interesting environments is still the main source of our inspirations. But what happens if after we get inspirations and don’t have an avenue to express into our works soon enough? That’s right we will start to design with these inspirations for a virtual project or make notes of them in various forms of media.

The exact science which we as individual designers prefer to note these inspirations varies from person to person. Occasionally we may simply just have moments where we mentally work on our designs virtually within our mind quietly. Or sometimes we may also create abstract tactile models, jot notes or just simply sketch to create mental reminders. All these actions serve to refresh ourselves of the inspirations when we need them again. Basically every devoted designers to our belief would perform some or all of the above mentioned acts from time to time. However each of us will tend to have our own preferred prominent way to preserve these moments of our inspirations.

For today, let us focus on Marie B. Baxter preferred way of recording her inspirations. As a sharp individual who tends to hit straight into the thick of actions in life, her preferred method of noting her inspirations is also just as direct. She does what we termed as digital doodling whenever she feels inspired. And here are some of her interesting digital doodles.